Below you’ll find a summary of Frequently Asked Questions about our Bible study. 

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Do I have to be on Facebook to take part in this study?

A Facebook account is required in order to take part in our daily discussion group for the Bible study. However, you can read along on your own by visiting beginning January 1, 2024. If you visit the site on mobile or tablet, the readings for each day will be posted at the top. If you visit on a desktop, they will be on the left of the page. These readings are updated each Saturday evening.

Our group members prefer to be part of the group for the supportive community, to have a forum in which to ask questions, and in order to take part in daily discussions. Our community is truly one big family and new members are always welcomed with open arms so we do hope you will consider joining us. Many members have a Facebook account solely for the purpose of being in our group. Please note that you must request membership in the group during the admittance window, which only takes place in the month of December. If you do not request to join during this window you will have to wait another year until membership to the group opens again.

I have a friend who wants to join, how do they do that?

Membership is only open for a small window of time each year as we begin together and end together. Membership for the 2024 reading cycle is open December 1-29, 2023. New members are welcome to join us during this time. Please visit this link and request to join. When requesting, make sure you agree to the rules. We personally review each request. Anyone requesting membership after December 29 at 7:00 PM central will need to wait another year until membership opens again. We begin our new cycle January 1, 2023.

How do I know if my friend has been added to the group? 

We will admit new members from December 1-29. When we begin admitting members, there are thousands waiting to be added. We have a membership committee who will go through and make sure each person has answered the membership questions and look at their profile before adding them. We will only add a limited number of people each day. This is a very important process to make sure that everyone admitted to the group understands our purpose and wants to be here. 
Our small team will be looking at hundreds of profiles each day during the month of December, in addition to their regular work and personal lives. Members will be added in the order they requested and we have some requests dating back to January 1. so please keep that in mind and be patient with us as we carry out this weighty, blessed, and time consuming task.  
However, in the midst of this we will also receive hundreds of messages a day from current group members wanting to know if their friend is in yet, when they will get in, if we can make sure they requested to join, etc. I’m afraid we simply won’t have time to answer these messages and keep up with all of our other responsibilities so I wanted to let you know how you can best find out this information for yourself.

The BEST way to see if they are in the group yet is to share the link with them and ask them to visit the group and see for themselves. Since we are a private group, if they see any posts, they will know that they are in. This is the ideal because it sets off the following:
•If they can see the group they will know they are in.
•If they can’t see the group they will be given the option to request to join.
•If they have already requested to join and not answered the membership questions they will be prompted to answer them.
So you can see based on this that sharing the link is the absolute best way to get folks to join. It is also very helpful to follow up and ask them if they clicked on it. Be sure to mention there is a firm December 29 deadline. There are no exceptions to this. However, your friends and family can read along on their own online at any time.

What Bible translation do I need?

We have a firm policy that the best Bible translation is the one you’re going to read. Please feel free to use your favorite translation. You will notice that Christy uses ESV in her notes. This is not to denote ESV as superior to others but a single translation needed to be chosen for uniformity in her notes. In this study you will learn how to use your preferred Bible translation as a jumping off point, utilizing free tools to dig deeper into other translations for greater insight. However, a single Bible in the translation of your choice is all that is needed.

What denomination is this group?

Our group is made up of folks from all walks of the faith with a common goal of seeking to grow closer to our Father through study of His word. You can read our charter documents here.

Is the discussion group for men and women? 

Absolutely. Our group and the Seeking Scripture team is made up of men and women. We are grateful for both our brothers and sisters who take part in our daily study and discussion. 

What do I need to take part?

All you need is your Bible, but a seeking heart and a positive attitude are great bonuses!

How does the group work?

Readings are posted in the group each evening for the following day so that they are available at whatever time works best for you. Each day group members need to visit the group directly at a time they choose to find a link to the readings and notes pinned at the top of that group. It is important not to rely on a Facebook notification but make it a point to visit the group at a set time each day (it is not Facebook’s job to remind us to read our Bibles). Of course, we love it when you take time to greet the group on the thread so please do that if you can. You are also welcome to take part in the group discussion on that day’s thread as well. You’ll find this group is welcoming, encouraging, and very insightful.

Weekend readings: Each day of the year that He is our God, we are His child and therefore we spend time in His word. This means that we have readings 7 days a week for the entire year. However, weekend readings are handled a little differently to allow our admin team time to rest and spend with their families. Therefore, weekend readings are posted each Friday afternoon and comments are turned off in the group for the weekend (with the exception of the prayer thread, which is always open). 

Important reminder: it is not Facebook’s job to remind us to read our Bibles. Please do not rely on a facebook notification to let you know the readings have been posted but rather make a habit of visiting the group yourself each day. 

What if I get behind?

Things happen, we understand. If you find yourself getting behind in the readings it is strongly encouraged that you not try to catch up but instead, jump right back in where the group is. You can catch what you missed on the next go around but we’ve found that trying to get caught up just piles guilt upon guilt. You got behind due to lack of time and it is unreasonable to assume you could then allot double or triple the amount of time to getting caught up. Often, this guilt ends up pulling you out of the reading cycle altogether. Instead of that, show yourself some grace and dive right back in where we are.

What reading plan will we be using?

Each year we read through the entire Bible in one year. Printable readings plans are available at this link. 

Is there a prayer thread?

We have a prayer thread that is always open 24/7, for requests. The entire group frequently prays over these requests but we also have a dedicated prayer team who prays over these requests as well. Note that information on the prayer thread is privileged information. Anyone who shares this information outside of the group will be removed from the group.

What are the group rules?

For a group of this size, it is vital to have clear and easy to follow rules. As these are very simple, it is expected that each group member follow them at all times. 

  1. Kindness And Manners Are Required- If you can’t say something nice, this isn’t the place for you. We spend our energy studying the Word and loving one another, leaving no time or energy left to judge how our siblings walk.
  2. No Political Talk – This includes topics that have been politicized. Our goal is to read the wholeness of the Father’s Word so that we can grow closer to Him and live according to His ways over our own. I know avoiding politics gets hard sometimes so I recommend sitting on your hands to keep them from typing until the urge passes. Grace is shown once. Repeat offenders won’t last much longer than that.
  3. No Bad Language Or Bad Behavior- This includes inflammatory, unkind, or demeaning remarks. With a group this size, we simply don’t have time to watch over folks who kick up trouble.
  4. No Links To Gofundme Or Similar Pages Allowed – Please share these on your personal wall rather than the group. Any links such as these will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group.
  5. Prayer Thread – Prayer requests are welcome! Please share your prayer requests to the Prayer Request thread. You can add your requests at any time as this thread is always open for comments. By adding prayer requests to this thread it enables us to see them all and your request won’t get lost in the shuffle.
  6. Arguing : Fruit Check –We will not argue with one another. Respectful discussion is wonderful and we are all free to do that, but we will do so in a way that lines up with the fruits of the spirit: Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self Control.
  7. Bible Translations – We will be respectful and kind with regards to Bible translations, knowing that we all have different preferences. It is the policy of this group that the best Bible translation is the one you will read and we leave it at that. *We ask that you avoid demeaning others Bible translation choices as well.
  8. Respect For Brothers and Sisters – We will respect one another’s differences in how we walk out our faith and obedience to God, knowing that will look different for each of us. This includes patience and kindness towards other’s observance of holidays and Holy days. We further ask that you not demean any denominations as this group is diverse and we are all here seeking Him. In this same area, anyone blocking an admin will be immediately removed from the group.
  9. Season Your Words With Grace And Kindness –We want to encourage our brethren in their reading of the word. Tone can be difficult to convey in text so please make every effort to be kind, gentle, and grace filled in your comments. If your comment comes across as brash or unkind, it will be removed and you then have an opportunity to rephrase it in a gentler manner. If we have to remove repeated comments over a period of time you may be removed from the group.
  10. Extra-Biblical Books, Etc – Please avoid extra-Biblical books, links to other sites (other than known Bible sites), social media teachings, youtube, etc. This can cause confusion & discouragement for first time Bible readers.

Each member of the admin team has full authority to enforce these rules to the extent they deem appropriate to any given situation. We may show discretionary grace but there remains an expectation of adherence to group rules.

Our 2024 Reading Cycle begins January 1, 2024.  Make sure you get your request in before the December 29 at 7:00 PM central deadline and set a reminder to tune into the group each day beginning January 1.

Reading the whole Bible will change your life!

We are excited and honored to be able to study it alongside you in the coming year. Together, may we bring further honor and glory to our King!

Still want to learn more about who we are and how we operate? Check out our Charter Documents by clicking here. 


Membership closes another year on December 29, 2023.

About the Seeking Scripture Team: We are a group of believers from all walks of the faith, saved by grace alone through faith in our Messiah. While we are of one accord in many things, we are all works in progress and lifelong learners. Therefore the opinions of one may not always represent the opinions of all.

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