Policies for this website are as follows. 

Make sure you read through each one as well as the note at the bottom. These rules are to be followed by each user.

Kindness and manners are required. If you can’t say something nice, this isn’t the place for you. We spend our energy studying the Word and loving one another, leaving no time or energy left to judge how our siblings walk.

Absolutely no political talk. I know this gets hard sometimes so I recommend sitting on your hands to keep them from typing until the urge passes. That’s what I do. Grace is shown once. Repeat offenders won’t last much longer than that. 

No bad language or bad behavior. We don’t have time to watch over folks who kick up trouble. Anyone guilty of stirring the pot better be making stew. If you have to ask if something is appropriate to say on this site, its best not to.

No links to GoFundMe or similar type campaigns, personal websites, business websites, etc. Any links such as these will be deleted. Repeat offenders will be removed from the group. Known Bible websites (such as Biblehub.com and Biblegateway.com) and wikipedia links are fine.

Arguing over Scripture: We will not argue with one another over Scripture. When a brother or sister is here, studying with us daily, they may still come to different conclusions than you – and that is okay. We trust that the Father is leading them and we see that they are here seeking with us. We will be patient with one another as we all continue to grow and be refined, committing ourselves to seeking what is right rather than to be right. Respectful discussion is wonderful and we are all free to do that, but we will do so in a way that lines up with the fruits of the spirit.

No Bashing or Calling Out Denominations – Current estimations are that there are over 45,000 bible professing denominations worldwide. Chances are, each of them have some of it right and at least some of it wrong. Regardless of your denominal affiliation or lack thereof, each of us is included in this “some right/some wrong” number. We will pray for all who seek to know our Father and His son in this group and will focus our attention on the beam in our own eye rather than the splinter in our brothers.

Bible Translations: We will be respectful and kind with regards to Bible translations, knowing that we all have different preferences. It is the policy of this group that the best Bible translation is the one you will read and we leave it at that.

Respect for brothers and sisters: We will respect one another’s differences in how we walk out our faith and obedience to God, knowing that will look different for each of us.

Season your words with grace and kindness: We want to encourage our brethren in their reading of the word. Tone can be difficult to convey in text so please make every effort to be kind, gentle, and grace filled in your comments. To be blunt: I don’t like mean people. We’re all adults and everyone should know how to be kind by this point, there is simply no excuse not to be. Repeated unkindness will lead to removal.

Extra-Biblical books: Please avoid extra-Biblical books, links to other sites (other than known Bible sites), social media teachings, youtube, etc. This can cause confusion & discouragement for first time Bible readers.

This is a personal website made available to the public for the purpose of growing closer to our Creator through the study of His word. All expenses of the site are paid by the Jordan family and the content and platform are offered at no cost to the users out of goodwill. Further, the discussion group and website is administered daily by Christy Jordan and a wonderful team of unpaid volunteers. We rely on the community to adhere to the rules and help one another when needed. Should a person join who disregard the rules or disrupt the community they will be removed. This site and all content therein, present or future, is owned by Christy Jordan. Use of this site is a privilege, not a right. Please adhere to all rules.

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