I often come across people who struggle with loving people who live in open sin. They then question if it is even possible for those people to have a relationship with the Father.

     For me, I have to ask myself:

     Can I be a liar and still be in a relationship with the Father?

     Can I be a gossip and still be in a relationship with the Father?

     Can I be a thief and still be in a relationship with the Father?

     There are so many reasons why people live openly in sin: our culture today, abuse, desperation of circumstance, which we may not understand, and even mental illness, just to name a few. There are countless factors that can come into play in our sinful choices.  

     Contrary to popular practice, it is not our job to judge others or figure out if they will or can be saved. In fact, it is none of our business at all; it is the Father’s business. He alone knows the hearts of His children and is the only one who can decide who will receive His free gift of salvation. So, we have to pay very close attention to the times when we may inadvertently place ourselves upon His throne.

     Our job is to love them where they are – period. If that caused you to feel offended, I do hope you will keep reading. 

     I have to remember—We have to remember—that someone else’s sin might be easy for us to identify, but our own may be hidden deep and hard to see. Just because others can’t see our sins so easily doesn’t make us any better than anyone else.  

     We are all sinners, and sometimes, in order to work on the big sin in our lives, we have to work on the hundred little sins first. I am so grateful that the Father works on things in me on HIS timetable and not someone else’s. Otherwise, I would be so overwhelmed by all of the things I have to work on that I would collapse under the weight of my sin.

     As His people, we are called to love and be a light to His children where they are by following the example of our Messiah: walking out His ways in our own lives as a witness to everyone who watches what we do. 

     Let’s face it: at no time will the Father ever condemn us for being kind and loving one of His lost children. When we find ourselves standing before Him, which do you see Him condemning? 

“Father, I judged harshly.”


“Father, I decided to love them with all that I had.”

     Messiah attracted thousands to Him through His love. From there, they hung on His every word. Love them first. They will know us by our love (John 13:35). 

     And then, when they ask where the love comes from, lead them to the source. 


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About the Seeking Scripture Team: We are a group of believers from all walks of the faith, saved by grace alone through faith in our Messiah. While we are of one accord in many things, we are all works in progress and lifelong learners. Therefore the opinions of one may not always represent the opinions of all.

Aliisa DeSalvo