Today’s readings are Psalm 108-114

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Remember, before we started this book, that we talked about the types of Psalms:

•Hymns – songs of praise and thanksgiving to YHWH
•Repentant – Confessions of sin, regret for sin, and petitions to YHWH for grace and forgiveness
•Wisdom – Observations on our relationship to YHWH and His ways
•Royal – Focus on Israel’s king and heir to God’s covenant with David.
•Messianic – Describing the Messiah or some aspect of His ministry to come
•Imprecatory – Call for YHWH’s judgement on the Psalmist’s or YHWH’s enemies
•Lamentations – Bemoan one’s condition or state-Declare a trust in YHWH-End with a praise of YHWH

As we are reading today’s see how many of those types you can find.

Other notes:
Psalm 108
Psalm 108:7-13 is a direct repeat of Psalm 60:6-12
Psalm 108:1-5 is a repeat from Psalm 57:7-11
Go check it out.

Remember: Never take my word or anyone else’s when it comes to telling you what YHWH’s word says.
You have access to the Bible, be a Berean and search it.

Reading Psalm 109 made my heart sink. It has nothing to do with the actual verses but with how I’ve seen people use them in our time. I’ve also seen people share Psalm 109:8 as a “prayer” for people who get elected to offices in our country (Remember, we don’t talk politics here as a hard rule). It saddens me to see people issue a “faux” blessing or prayer and use the Bible in a sarcastic manner. Just as it saddens me to hear people say “Bless your heart” sarcastically.
To call down a blessing from YHWH as a means of insult – that hurts my heart and I know it grieves the Father. 

But this is where we are. People who don’t know or understand the power of a blessing from the Father and the gift of His word toss them both around as curses. They just don’t know. And the greater tragedy is when professed Believers do this while standing under the banner of His name.

Back to types of Psalms.

Sometimes we see Psalms that can be classified in more than one category.
Here is what I gathered from today’s reading.
See if you agree (it’s okay if you don’t!)

•108 – Hymn of praise
•109 – Lamentation
•110 – Royal + Messianic – see if you can spot all of the symbolism and references to Messiah!
•111 – Wisdom
•112 – Wisdom
•113 – Wisdom/Hymn of Praise
•114 – Hymn

Wonderful reading, wisdom, and praising of our amazing Father today!
My heart rejoices to tell of His majesty, grace, and love!

Test everything, hold tight to what is good.~ 1 Thess 5:21

We are saved by Grace alone: Obedience is not the root of our salvation, it is the fruit!

May YHWH bless the reading of His Word!

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