From time to time readers may want to share what they find on This is an honor to me and I am grateful that you find use in my work.

You are welcome to share links to notes, excerpts from teachings, quotes from me, graphics found on the site, videos, and audio. In order to do so, please attribute them to Christy Jordan as the author and as the source. In doing this, should they resonate with others as they did with you, readers could find themselves visiting the site and deciding to take their own journey through the Word.

So the short version is:

Can I share it?

Absolutely! Just let them know who wrote it and where you found it, and thank you for wanting to share!

Blogger/Other Publication Exception: If you are a blogger or other publication, please do not repost my notes or other writings without express permission. Rather, link to them on to allow others to know and utilize the source.

Where can I find Seeking Scripture resources and materials? 

  • – This site is the hub of all of my teachings, videos, and other resources.
  • Youtube – Coffee Chats, Narrow Path Living Videos, and other Informative Videos
  • Instagram (there are additional graphics and teaching excerpts here)
  • Christy’s Facebook – You can share anything you like on my Facebook directly from my page.
  • Seeking Scripture Facebook – Not a very active page but you are welcome to follow it as that may change in the future
  • Facebook Discussion Group– New members are only admitted during the last month of the year
  • If you’d like a shortcut to SeekingScripture Memes, click here to visit an album on my Facebook Page. You are welcome to follow me if you would like and you can and share anything directly from my page by clicking the share button with no attribution needed.



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