So while that interaction is the only one we read about in Genesis 48, we do know that Jacob and all of his relatives took the trip to Egypt when he was in better health, met with Joseph and were settled in Goshen before his death.

While we only have this one meeting described in the Bible, I think we can safely assume they met when Israel arrived and had a grand old family reunion, continuing to make up for lost time in the days that followed as they settled into the land.

It is helpful to realize that we are only seeing highlights of people’s lives in our daily reading. Imagine, in just fifty years of life, there would be over 426,000 hours of living and we are barely seeing half a day’s worth of that life in this passage.

These are great questions that tell me you’re really digging deep and trying to glean as much as possible! This is exactly what you should be doing so be encouraged and keep reading!



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