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One of the things we look forward to the most at Sukkot is our daily bible readings as a group. This will be our second year hosting a big Seeking Scripture Sukkot* and our group meets together each morning to take turns reading Scripture. We are very much a mixed multitude, with folks from all walks of the faith, every denomination under the sun. We usually have a lot of folks who are keeping Sukkot for the very first time! Due to our diversity and the size of our numbers, we read Scripture straight through during our group readings, without stopping for discussion. This keeps the focus on the Father and His word and helps us to avoid shifting away to doctrinal disputes during a week set apart to honor Him.

A dear friend of ours, Steve King, compiled this selection of readings for us last year and they worked really well with a large group (We had 150 last year and anticipate a over 200 this year), but they are also perfect for reading with a smaller group or even on your own. If you use these readings, you will be reading the entirety of Psalm 119 during the week as a group and the entirety of Deuteronomy during the week in your personal or family reading time. As you go through these verses you’ll no doubt see why each was chosen and how it helps us to better understand and appreciate this wonderful week of celebration. Please feel free to print them off, share with friends, or use in your own Sukkot gatherings. 

We have a wonderful group of folks from all walks of the faith who read through the whole Bible together in one year. We will show you how to dive deep into the whole Word and understand it like never before. Most importantly, we will teach you how to test everything to the straight edge of His Word. Membership is only open for a short time each year because we start together and end together, so get your request in now to be added in time for the next reading cycle. New members are admitted in December and our new plan starts the first of January. Click here to request to join us.

*The 2022 Seeking Scripture Sukkot is full. If you would like to join the waitlist for the SeekingScripture 2023 Sukkot, please click here. Spaces are very limited and we cannot guarantee that everyone who signs up will receive an invitation but we will try to include as many people as we can. 

Click here to print out a PDF of the Sukkot Bible Reading Plan.

You can preview the plan below


Click here to print out a PDF of the Sukkot Bible Reading Plan.

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