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The Fullness Of Jesus 

Each year without fail it happens when we start reading the Bible in the beginning, some people start complaining and asking, “Why are we talking about the Older Testament so much, why don’t we focus in on Jesus?” I don’t blame them one bit. In fact, I, too, was raised on a faith that taught me to reside in the Newer Testament, only briefly visiting the older for a special verse that I could pluck out of context and apply to myself from time to time. 

Now. I want to be perfectly transparent with you when I say that most of my life as a Believer, I was living a halfhearted faith (at best). I called Him my God alright but only treated Him as such when it was convenient for me. So I was happy to reside in the last quarter of the book because I didn’t really want to have to do the work required to read the whole thing, much less take the time to do so in context and see how it all fit together. I surely didn’t want to read something that might cause me to be uncomfortable or have to change my walk to focus more on what God tells me to do than what I want to do! And so I focused on Jesus – and in truth we can never, ever go wrong focusing on Jesus.  But even then, I didn’t focus on the whole person of Jesus, just a portion. 

The thing is, Many don’t realize, on the first read through the whole Bible that He’s right here in the text, beginning in Genesis,  They don’t realize it simply because they don’t see his name and so they don’t recognize him until He actually comes into the world in flesh.  However, when we only focus on Messiah in flesh we miss so much of Messiah in spirit. Until you’ve read through the entire Word (preferably more than once) and studied each chapter, it is almost impossible to understand the fullness of Messiah. 

With that in mind, let me encourage you – Keep Reading. 

Do you want to know your Messiah on a deeper level than ever before? Keep reading. 

Do you long to feel closer to God, to understand His character, thinking, and heart? Keep Reading. 

We’ve spent far too long letting other people tell us what God says when the only real authority on God’s word is God Himself. 

So if you’ve spent most of your life hearing what God says from books about the Bible, sermons about the Bible, tv shows about the Bible, and the like – it’s time to hear from Him firsthand because there is no such thing as a second hand relationship with the Father or His word.

If we claim to follow Him- it’s time to let Him speak.

So if part of you is panicking because you’re used to studying primarily the Gospels and this seems foreign to you – hang in there. Because what we are reading was not foreign to our Messiah.

In fact, this is the foundation that the New testament rests upon. You may not recognize it now but, brick by brick, we will read our way to the complete story of our faith and when we read our way to the Gospels, you will see Jesus revealed as you’ve never seen Him before. You may not recognize Jesus in what your reading now, but if you hang in there you will see that he was with us here all along, building this foundation.

The differences between knowing Jesus through the gospels and knowing Him throughout the entirety of the Scripture is as different as a dating relationship and a marriage. 

When you are dating someone, you do not understand the fullness of who they are. It is only through time and the growth of a deep and meaningful connection that we can see the many beautiful facets of a person, and grow to love each and every one of them. Through reading the whole Bible, from start to finish, we will come to know Him more fully than we ever thought possible, on a deeper level than ever before – but it takes the entirety of YHWH’s word to do that.

In the beginning, was the Word. Come, let us read that word together.

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