“I thank you with a sincere heart as I learn your righteous rulings. I will observe your laws; don’t completely abandon me!” Psalm 129:7-8

I’m so humbled by and grateful for the Father’s tender, loving patience. I can feel the hot tears well up in my eager eyes as they drink in king David’s words. I’ve always adored king David. I identify more readily with him than most any other character in the Bible. I empathize with him. He was a man after YHWH’s own heart. He was a man of whose heart the Father was particularly fond. The shepherd boy turned king could be aptly described as a completely exasperating tangled mess of carnality and spirit. If we’re honest, couldn’t we all?

King David is real. He is relatable. His often tempestuous nature as he wars with his inner man can best be described as what’s commonly known as “the human condition.” Its messy. It doesn’t fit neatly within the confines of a tidy little box. The good news is, neither does our Father or our walk with Him.

King David’s life and story remind me of a crucially simplistic truth that often gets muddied on this narrow path we walk – it’s okay to be exactly where we are on our journey with the Father today. Wherever our “you are here” red arrow-marked spot lies in this moment is right where He meets us.

It is entirely possible for two polar opposite truths about ourselves to co-exist simultaneously as we navigate our way with the Father. Not receiving and accepting this natural dichotomy can lead to a great deal of angst and discouragement. A child of YHWH can have a knack for connecting on a deep level with others and yet struggle to communicate in a healthy way in their closest personal relationships. We can possess a gift for giving and still quietly wrestle with accepting the grace He so freely bestows upon us. Some of the most dedicated prayer warriors have no idea how to ask for prayer when they are in need themselves.

We’ve all been shaped by our personal experiences and unique worldview. We’ve each dealt with things the Father has allowed to touch our lives that have given us a distinct perspectives. Each of us are excelling in some areas while straining to just keep up in others. Often, the very attributes we consider a strength in one regard present as a weakness in other areas of our lives.

Friend, none of these contradictory elements of our complex nature as corruptible men and women reaching wholeheartedly toward putting on incorruptibility come as a shock to our Father. He is fully aware that we are all still under construction. He is, after all, our divine Engineer!

Not only can we relax as we sink down into the comforting knowledge that He’s taking the time to build us, we can apply the same peace of mind to the worry we often suffer in regard to the deficits we believe we perceive in others. Isn’t it utterly amazing that as many red-arrowed “you are here” spots that dapple the map of eternity, He knows right where to find each and every one of us at any given moment in any particular season? He continues to gently lead us onward day-by-day in this beautifully intimate walk. His fierce attentiveness and patience show us how invested in us He is!

Not one of has reached the consummation of all perfection. There are no finished works outside the gates of His eternal Kingdom. Doubts can creep in and work to convince us that since we haven’t gotten the victory in areas where we still desire it, we should promptly forfeit all the progress we’ve made and simply give up. Take heart, beloved! The Father isn’t looking for men without fault to work with because there are none. Yet, we have the promise of this great hope, beloved:

“I am sure of this, that he who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ” Philippians 1:6

Through Him, we can overcome just like king David. The “build” can get noisy and dirty. Our egos might sustain bruises and scrapes. There will be “materials” on the punch list of our personal attributes that will need to be scrapped altogether. There will be times we just can’t seem to see any progress and it all looks utterly chaotic from our limited vantage point. Nonetheless, to be “under construction” means the Architect is still cradling us in His capable hands and I can’t think of a safer place to be. We are being made by the Creator of all things and He finishes what He starts. His holy blueprints are good and perfect in every way. All we have to do is fix our eyes on the Builder and surrender wholly to being made.

About the Seeking Scripture Team: We are a group of believers from all walks of the faith, saved by grace alone through faith in our Messiah. While we are of one accord in many things, we are all works in progress and lifelong learners. Therefore the opinions of one may not always represent the opinions of all.

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