This is a series of videos I’m doing on my personal Facebook page meant to encourage everyone who seeks to live the narrow path life in our world today.

We Are Called To Be StoryTellers

We are called to be Story Tellers ❤️
Please look up these verses for yourself, never take someone’s word for what the Bible says. ?
Deut 6:4
Matthew 22:36-40
Mark 12:28-34
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Let’s talk about what keeping Sabbath looks like

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When You Know Better, You Do Better

Letting Go Of Needing To Be Right:

The Question At The End Of The Day:

For clarity below: around the three minute mark, I’m speaking to people who hold only to the Old Testament or only to the New as being in grave error, these parts of the Bible are wonderful and much needed by all, YHWH’s word is not in error but our use of it sometimes is. Introduction to the series: