Today’s readings are 1 Chronicles 25-27

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1 Chronicles 25:1 Seems a bit confusing in some translations as it appears to be saying that these men prophesied with their instruments. As in, the Father gives you a message and instead of relaying that with words you go and strum a harp. If we look deeper into other translations we see that they prophesied accompanied by these instruments so the use of “with” means more of “alongside”.

Further, the term “prophesying” in this context refers to musicians singing praise songs, hymns, and psalms to the Father, sometimes singing psalms that were written by the prophets and were prophetical in and of themselves. 
We see further proof of this just a couple of verses down when they reference the musical director and their skill with singing, etc.

1 Chronicles 25:8 We will see, more than once, the people casting lots to determine their position. When it came to these positions, there was no regard to station, age, etc. Instead, they cast their lots, allowing YHWH to determine who ended up in each position.

No pride or “me-ism”. Just a big old dose of “His will be done”.

1 Chronicles 26:14 When it came to the gatekeepers, lots were first cast for the East gate. The direction of the East is a huge pattern in the Bible.

Recall that:
• The garden is planted in the east of Eden, Genesis 2:8
•Cherubim are stationed on the east side of the Garden of Eden, Genesis 3:24
•Parts of the burnt offering are to be thrown to the east side of the altar, Lev 1:16
•The tabernacle’s entrance faces east, Numbers 3:38
• In Ezekiel’s vision God’s glory comes from the east and enters the temple from the east. Ezekiel 43:2-4
•The same temple faces east with a river flowing east from it, Ezekiel 47:1, Ezekiel 47:8
•Also, the sun, of course, rises in the East, and as it does so it banishes darkness each day.

In addition to all of this, notice that the east gate had more gatekeepers than any other gate.

The gatekeepers were charged with opening and shutting the gates to the temple, but they were also responsible for making sure only the proper people were allowed to enter and that nothing inside was removed that wasn’t supposed to be removed. This wasn’t just some honorary position. They were very much security guards.

1 Chronicles 27:1 This was a brilliant model with regards to his military.

The entirety of his forces were divided into twelve divisions of 24,000 each and each division served only one month per year. This kept the burden light on all of them, kept them all trained and experienced, and had a good size army at the ready while still allowing the men to be with home with their families, tending their land most of the year.

I want to challenge you to pray for someone who is different from you in some way. Whether it be a different walk of the faith, a different faith entirely, someone who lives in a different part of the country or world, someone who hasn’t been very kind,  someone who shares an entirely different view of something important to you, etc.

But take that one step further: Do not pray for them to agree with you. If it is someone of a different viewpoint, do not pray for them to realize they are wrong and you are right. Instead, pray that your heart will be softened all the more towards them, that you will feel genuine and abiding love when you think of them. Pray that the Father will richly bless them as He sees fit. Pray, with sincerity, for your neighbor, knowing that the Father determines who our neighbors are and more often than not, they do not look, think, and speak as we do.

Test everything, hold tight to what is good.~ 1 Thess 5:21

We are saved by Grace alone: Obedience is not the root of our salvation, it is the fruit!

May YHWH bless the reading of His Word!

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