We often allow circumstance and life to shape our days, weeks, and months ending in a blur of who knows what and asking, “Where did the time go?”.  But, let’s face it, life is messy and chaotic, and the thought of trying to shape the chaos into an intentional life… seems overwhelming.

What is an intentional life, you ask?

An intentional life revolves around our core values and beliefs.

How often do we examine our lives and check to make sure the things we do reflect our values and beliefs? As we strive every day to follow the Father, we need to be checking to see if what we do equals what we believe.  

After all, how can we be a light if people don’t actually see our light?

How do we start?

1.  Begin in Prayer 

Ask the Father to guide you in your goals to lead a life that reflects HIS Word.

2.  Be Grateful 

Each morning, write down 3 things you are grateful for. Being consciously grateful can drastically change our perspective. A positive and grateful mindset can make us more likely to accomplish something.

3.  Set 5 SMART goals. 

Smart goals are specific goals that are measurable, attainable, relative to you, and time-bound. For example: “I want to complete ______ by this date _______.

4.  Write your goals down and put them in a place where you can read them

This step is so important. When we see our goals written down and we read them all the time, we are more likely to accomplish them.

5.  Create a to-do list each day 

A to-do list can keep you on task and help you see the priorities for the day.  

6.  Automate your bills 

This can save you time. By automating your accounts, you can gain valuable time, probably enough time to write down those 3 things you’re grateful for each day.

7.  Create a budget 

Money can be the single most stressful thing in our lives. By setting a budget, we can take away some of that stress and move towards completing our SMART goals.

8.  Schedule family time 

We often don’t schedule our family time but put it on your to-do list and prioritize it. It’s so much more important than other things.

9.  Involve your family

As you decide what things you can do to walk out the Word in your life, bring your family along. Showing them what an intentional life looks like can help teach them how to create their own. 

10. Start a journal or planner and keep these important things together

Keeping everything in one place can help you stay on track.

Ok, so maybe 10 wasn’t quite enough.

Here is bonus number 11 Take time to regularly evaluate how your intentional living is shaping up and be open to change. 

We can either live a life focused on the things that are important to us or get swept around by the currents of worldly living.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is slow down and start taking intentional steps creating time to revel in the blessed life the Father has given us.  

You never know how big of an impact a small change can make.


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About the Seeking Scripture Team: We are a group of believers from all walks of the faith, saved by grace alone through faith in our Messiah. While we are of one accord in many things, we are all works in progress and lifelong learners. Therefore the opinions of one may not always represent the opinions of all.

Aliisa DeSalvo