Father when I look in the mirror, I see the me that you made.  I realize that every single detail of my appearance is one that you personally chose just for me. I see the me that you meant for me to be. 

I am so thankful for the attention and care you gave to forming me. 

I love the color and texture of hair that you chose for me, I love the shape of my eyes, which you made. I’m thankful for the set of my mouth and the skin tone you picked out just for me. I’m thankful for the color of my irises and the shape of my face. I’m thankful for the height and build you chose just for me. 

Father, when I look in the mirror I see proof that you put aside time to think just of me, that you had an image in your mind and you lovingly crafted me out of your own image to be exactly who I am today. 

Father, your hand has made me beautiful because I am created by you, in love, as your child. 

Thank you for creating me and thank you for opening my eyes to see your hand and care in all of my features. 

~Christy Jordan

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