This may sound silly but when we pray is it to our Father or to our Savior we are praying or both?

This is not a silly question at all, I’m glad you asked it.

While there are many opinions on this, we know we can never go wrong by following the example of our Messiah. Time and again, throughout Scripture, we see that He prayed to the Father. For just a few examples of this, you can read Matthew 14, Luke 6, Mark 1, and Matthew 26.

Further, when Messiah was teaching us how to pray, He explicitly taught us to pray to the Father in Matthew 6:9-13, where He begins with the instructions, “Pray then like this…”

Because He is our messiah, our redeemer, and the way to the Father for us (John 14:6), we can confidently do so in His name, which is why many prayers are closed with, “In Jesus/Yeshua’s name, Amen”. 

I hope this helps!





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