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We know that walking the narrow path can be tough – and lonely- at times. Often, we just wish we had someone to help us navigate the trickier parts of the trail. 

 Here, you can ask questions and we will prayerfully help if we can, by featuring your question in a future article. Note that we do not send answers to questions via email, please only submit your question once.  Unless specifically requested, all names will be kept anonymous. Not all topics are appropriate to answer on this forum so please understand that we must be judicious for the sake of our audience. *Identities will be kept private.

This is not the place to ask Bible study questions. Bible Study questions or questions about the notes should be asked in our Discussion group. New members are admitted to the discussion group during the month of December each year.  Click here to request to join.

 Note: The primary purpose of Seeking Scripture remains to encourage as many people as possible to read the whole Bible for themselves.

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