I bought a Bible study journal from Amazon, and when I got it, it was nothing like I thought. It is only for the New Testament, but I want one for everything so I can journal. I am new to journaling. So, my question is, what is the best journal to use? And do you have one that you sell?

Shalom Sibling,

This is a great question! We do not currently sell any journals, but in my opinion, the best journal to get is the one that fits your specific needs. I use a regular spiral notebook. I usually buy a bunch of them when school supplies are on sale, and then I use them all year long.

Why do I use a spiral notebook?

  1.  I need something easy to write on the back of a page. Some journals are difficult to write on the back because they are more book-like.
  2. I like regular-sized lines. When I write my thoughts, I want to be able to write naturally, and I have naturally large handwriting. It hurts my hand and my brain if I have to concentrate to write between small lines.
  3. I like regular-sized paper. Because I tend to write longer sentences, I don’t want to fill my page with three sentences. Also, my thoughts can be rather wordy, and if my journal is too small, then it could take up too many pages for one entry. I like to make important things larger or draw a box around them. When I glance through my journal, I like to see what is most important on that page.


I know from experience that even though I really want a beautiful journal that is small and looks like a real book, I won’t use it because it will frustrate me.  So, I try to stick with what won’t frustrate me, and then I am much more likely to use it.

So, my best advice is to figure out what fits you and your needs and go with that.

I hope this helped.


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Aliisa DeSalvo