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Two thousand years ago, Jesus gave the great commission.

Before ascending into heaven (about 40 days after Passover), He told His disciples to return to Jerusalem. I think some may have had heavy hearts, some may have even questioned as they walked along. I am smiling, because I think they were singing-yes, singing.

They were returning to Jerusalem to keep Shavuot (also referred to as the Feast Of Weeks/Pentecost). So, they were “going up,” making alliyah, returning. I think they were singing the Psalms of ascents (Psalms 120-134). As Shavuot is a Holy convocation and a time when the giving of the commandments is celebrated, many nations came together singing the same Psalms.

This Holy day is rich and foundational in understanding Messiah! Interesting related studies include First Fruits, Counting the Omer, and Shavuot/Pentecost (Pentecost is the Greek word for 50, Shavuot takes place 50 days after a countdown begins during the Feast of Unleavened Bread).

The disciples went to Jerusalem and obediently waited during this time for the Holy Spirit and they received it during this time, just as Messiah promised.

So why is this important to me? Well, I too find myself watching and waiting during this Holy convocation time, preparing to receive. I find it interesting that we were “sheltered in place” during Passover and “coming out” during Shavuot. So, what promise am I awaiting in this modern age? I am making ready to “go up.” I await the return of Messiah the King.

As we prepare to return to the world, I ask, what do you want to return to? Better yet, what do you plan to watch for? to wait on? to worship? What hope do you want to receive? As we read God’s Word, there is a hope and we approach that hope through a watchful eye of faith through obedience.

I may be heavy hearted these days, I may wrestle out some questions, but I’m going up, making alliyah and I am singing as I go with the hope from Psalms of Ascents to HalleluYah of Revelation 19:6-9. I leave you standing on God’s promises, praying they bring hope and His peace.

Verses to help you dig deeper:

  • Exodus 23:14-17
  • Leviticus 23:15-16
  • Deuteronomy 16:9-12
  • Exodus 19:1
  • Exodus 23:16
  • Exodus 34:22-23
  • Numbers 28:26-31
  • Acts 2:1
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