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Saul ordered his son Jonathan and all his servants to kill David. But Saul’s son Jonathan liked David very much, so he told him: “My father Saul intends to kill you. Be on your guard in the morning and hide in a secret place and stay there.  I’ll go out and stand beside my father in the field where you are and talk to him about you. When I see what he says, I’ll tell you.” (1 Sam. 19:1-3)

Along this great and glorious journey, it is important to note that we have an enemy, that there is one out there who hates us and fully intends that we should fail.  It is his primary goal to interfere with our plans, to ambush us along the way, and to force us from doing what God wants us to do in any given situation.  This enemy is conniving, manipulative, hate-filled and jealous of the place that we occupy in the kingdom; he steals joy, devours happiness, and destroys relationships, and as Christians, we often find ourselves operating in his backyard.  In those instances, where we find ourselves operating behind enemy lines, taking back territory for the Kingdom, it is equally important that we turn to the examples given us in scripture to understand how to behave in those circumstances and to know what to expect.
David, prior to being crowned king of Israel, was forced to operate behind enemy lines, performing in the house of a man who wanted nothing more than to see him dead.  His life, at any given moment, was in jeopardy, as Saul was seeking every occasion to take that life.  David, however, convinced of the power of God and certain of his own course of action, managed to consistently line himself up with the will of God.  When facing Goliath, he claimed victory in the name of the Lord.  When presented opportunities to take the life of Saul, he spared him, understanding that Saul had been anointed by God.  Keeping himself blameless each time, David found favor with God, and that favor allowed God to work in miraculous ways.  Now, while the miraculous often seems commonplace in the life of David, one of the greatest miracles in his life was Jonathan, the son of King Saul and one who should have been David’s enemy.  Kinship and friendship flourished between David and Jonathan, and suddenly, David found himself with an ally, a friend, in the household of Saul.
In our own battles, when we find ourselves in the enemy’s backyard, fighting tooth and nail, we often need an ally, someone who will stand with us, stand beside us, help to keep us safe and to hold us accountable.  This was Jonathan in the life of David, and God stands ready to provide the same for us. When we walk according to God’s Word, and we act according to the guidance of his Spirit, God will find ways to raise us up allies from unexpected places.  Plots and plans lain by the enemy will fail because God has raised us up unexpected allies.  Battles that were on their way will be stopped because God has raised us up unexpected allies.  During those times when all seems lost and we are forced to spend weeks in a cave of loneliness, or depression, or resentment, we will be remembered as God raises up unexpected allies.  Even among those people who seem to hate us, who apparently want nothing to do with us, God is waiting to raise up an unexpected ally, one who will allow us to advance the cause of the Kingdom of God and take back territory from the enemy.  We must not be discouraged.  We must not let loneliness overwhelm us.  We must not give in to resentment.  Our ally is coming.

And to all the folks on the “porch” today:  thank you for being my unexpected allies!  I love my time with you!  

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