In this 3-minute video, Matt Adams helps open our eyes to a common and grievous error among Believers. 



I spent one afternoon chopping up a pine tree that had fallen in some recent storms.  I’m certain there is a “right” way to go about the process, but I don’t know it. I know how to crank the chainsaw and whack away until I get the thing hacked into manageable pieces. It’s not pretty…

While cleaning the pine sap off my hands and cleaning the scrapes caused by some wayward branches, it occurred to me, “We’ve been doing this to the Word of God for way too long.”  We attack it like a problem to be solved, like a fallen tree that needs to be cut into manageable bites. We tell ourselves that it’s so we can better use it, but I think that’s a convenient excuse. 

I think that, in many instances, we do it so that we can more effectively move it out of our way… 

It’s time to stop hacking at the Word.  We’ve done enough damage with the flying wood chips and flapping branches, with verses taken out of context to justify an end or to support an agenda. The Word is not a fallen tree; it’s not a problem to be solved. 

The Father is telling a love story that spans thousands of years. It’s a tale filled with passion and pursuit, with fervor and favor, with sacrifice and salvation.  It’s YHWH’s beautiful attempt to capture the heart of mankind, to bring it back to the place where it belongs: into loving fellowship with Him. 

It’s time to step back and really see the whole tree.  Every verse, every story, every moment of astonishing grace is made more beautiful when considered in light of the whole Word of God. 

 It is immeasurably stunning, rooted soundly in the love of God and His Son with branches reaching up and out, offering salvation, shelter, and rest to the entire world.

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