In this short video, Donna McDaniel speaks about the importance of making sure your inner spiritual life matches your outer profession of faith.

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Cleaning House

On our farm, there are so many different kinds of wildlife, birds and insects. Now, One of the most fascinating insects is the honeybee. My husband Tom is a honeybee keeper and that honey is like liquid gold. 

Honeybees are so detailed and exact in everything they do. There are many important roles in a bee hive. Of course there’s the queen bee. And there’s the foragers who fly out searching for pollen and nectar to make that liquid gold. But I think one of the most important roles is what I call the clean up crew. This group of bees keep the whole hive clean and spotless and are constantly cleaning their house. Any debris like leaves, straw or the death of one of their own, is carried to the front door and thrown out. 

I was pondering this and was wondering, how clean is our house? I’m not talking about the actual house that we live in, but our body that houses the Holy Spirit. It may appear to our family and friends that the outside looks like it’s in great shape, but the inside may look quite different. 

1 Corinthians 6:19 says “Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit within you, whom you have from God?  You are not your own,”

You know life can get in. There’s those everyday chores that has to be done laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, and taking the kids to soccer practice. The list is endless. All of these things to do day after day can take it’s toll. You can become weary. You miss a day of reading the Father’s word. I’m not talking about the occasional day that is missed here and there when life happens. I’m talking about days that run together and can turn into weeks. The cover of your Bible looks like the dust that is covering your furniture. You can’t remember the last time you heard the Father’s voice. He’s not heard from you in a long time. Have you forgotten that He’s our source of life? Does your house, your heart on the inside look like a tornado struck or will it pass the white  glove test? I’m not just talking to you but to myself. I admit that sometimes mine looks like a tornado hit, but I long to pass the white glove test. 

We have to keep the line of communication open with Abba. No matter how busy we get in life, we have to pause, take a fruit check and examine our heart. Can you feel and hear the Holy Spirit sweeping out the corners, dusting off and shaking out the cobwebs? He’s just reminding us of who we belong to. I just want to encourage you to hang in there. Abba is just a whisper away.

Let’s commit to doing a better job at cleaning our house. When the Father calls us home, we’ll pass that white glove test! 

Until the next time take care and I love you.


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