Christy Jordan explains how we can build others up in a world that tears us down.


About a decade or so ago, I had an accident that left me in a wheelchair for a time. For a few months, I had A brace on my left leg,  boot cast on my right, And either a cane in my hand or wheelchair beneath me. It was pretty obvious, looking at me, that I was broken. 

But you know what I’ve come to realize? We all are. Sometimes you see it, sometimes you don’t. Just because someone may look perfect on the outside, don’t discount them as not having struggles like you do. In fact, at times, their struggles may be a roaring ocean and in comparison, yours are a babbling brook. 

We will never know how some folks are broken, but we always have a choice when it comes to helping them rebuild or tearing them down. You see, the effects of kindness and grace are infinite. 

And you’ll find the best way to get this medicine in your own life is to administer it to others. A smile, a kind word, holding the door for a person lagging behind, a word of encouragement during a moment of defeat. 

Sometimes all it takes is the simple respect of eye contact to show someone they aren’t invisible. I see you. I care. 

These quick exchanges can sometimes carry so much meaning that they change someone’s world in the course of a single day. So whenever you encounter people today, whether grumpy, young, old, big, small, seemingly perfect, or a total mess, just remember: we’re all broken. And demolition crews are plentiful. Have a greater purpose today.

Be a builder.

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