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The Bible begins in the beginning, and so should we. 

Welcome to Seeking Scripture! Where our goal is to help folks form a firsthand relationship with the Father and His Word! We read through the Bible each year, from start to finish, together. In our Facebook group, we have daily discussions and encourage one another as we build each other up and strengthen our knowledge of His word.

Because we begin together, our fellowship group is only open to new members near the beginning of each reading cycle. In 2022, new members will be admitted from December 1-31. Our next reading cycle begins January 3, 2023.  Click here to request membership in our Facebook group (make sure you answer the questions to be admitted). If you would like to begin now, you can do so by visiting and beginning in Genesis.

Here are some of the things Fellowship members have said about reading with our group:

This has been such an eye opening experience to read His Word and share the journey with fellow students across the country. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know. ~Kathy Manis

Some may be overwhelmed and think they cannot get through the whole Bible alone. This is the perfect study for someone like that. We have many who have never read much of the Old Testament but Christy is a very capable leader and others in the group are not only knowledgeable but are very encouraging.
~Judy Miller

Being in this study has been such a blessing. I not only have grown closer to The Father but I have so much more knowledge of the Bible. He has placed in my heart a desire to study, dig deeper, and know Him more. I will forever be thankful to Christy Jordan for answering His call to form this group. God is using her in a mighty way. Some may feel it’s too much of a challenge but it’s not! It is broken down so that it’s very “doable”. ~ Dana Tate

I’ve been a Christian since I was 11 years old and a lifelong church goer thanks to my mom, but Christy’s notes have encouraged me to dive in deeper to God’s WORD. I love being part of this fellowship of believers where we can grow and strengthen our faith muscles together. This is a supportive and welcoming group, and I’m grateful for it! ~Kristy Ensor

There is no better way to start my morning than sitting down with my coffee and reading His word with this group. Love reading everyone’s comments, almost everyday some one points out something I may have missed. This could possibly be the ONLY FB group that is 100% positive!!! ~Jan Green

I will say, if you want to be closer to God, the way to get closer is to read his word. This group has helped me and others read the Bible in it’s entirety, like it should be read. We also discuss what we have read and help each other understand things that we might not have known beforehand. Want to grow closer to God? We have to read his love letter to us, The Bible. Come join us and be blessed by the reading of his word~Jill Fortner

I’ve had some friends and co-workers tell me that don’t read the Bible because they don’t understand. I used to be one of those people and just took for fact what others told me was in the Bible. How wrong I was and how much I’ve learned and discovered from Christy and my other fellow front porch family in the almost two years in this group. I look forward to many more discoveries as I continue getting closer to our heavenly father and encourage others to join us here. ~Joan Osborne

Christy’s “Rabbit Trails” have reignited my enthusiasm for Bible study! She examines details I have never studied in any other group. Members add their own interesting insights. The Word continues coming to life from fresh perspectives! “For the word of God is living and active and sharper than any two-edged sword….” Hebrews 4:12 ~Jamie Wyatt

I’ve read the Bible more since joining this group than I ever have. I’ve occasionally gotten behind, but as Christy has said, just jump back in! My appreciation for reading the Word of God for myself has grown thru this group. I look forward to reading the Bible and understand the importance of doing so more than ever. ~Jane Densmore

I thank God so much for bring me to this study. I look forward every morning waking up to study his word and fellowship with my sisters and brothers. I was a person who had a hard time understanding the OT, this group walk you through each verse , helping you understand what you are reading. What a joy for me to know and grow closer to our Father. There is no judgment only love and support. God is moving mightily through this group, join us and feel his presence!! ~Shannon Massey

I thank God for this study and for Christy’s dedication to it and to the members. This is an educational journey where we learn The Who, The What, The Why, The When and The Where. It’s a journey where we help each other through the deep water and we rejoice together on the mountain tops. Such love found here is the result of drawing nearer to our Father through the study of His Word. I’ll be
telling all my friends about this Fellowship! Love to all my FP Siblings!~June White

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We would love to have you join us! Imagine, this time next year, being able to say that you’ve read the entire word of God! I cannot stress enough that this experience is nothing less than life changing, eternally so. To take part, simply click here, request membership in the Facebook group, and answer the membership questions. Mark your calendar for January 1, grab your favorite Bible translation, and prepare to dive deep into the Word of the Father!
Welcome to the family! 
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