Christy Jordan discusses a prevalent problem among the body of believers, one that is keeping us from relationship with the Father. Could it be an issue with our hearts?

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Have you ever been ill and required antibiotics?
What is the one thing the doctors always caution you about? “In order for these to work, you have to take all of the pills, the whole cycle.” What would happen if you took just one day’s worth of pills, or two? You might feel some relief but after stopping,
the infection would come back stronger than ever. Thus, the caution to take the entire cycle.

If only we had the wisdom to treat God’s word the same way. Instead, mankind has a tendency to look for shortcuts, cliff notes, the “quick” version. And so we pull out a few verses and declare that simply reading those will fix all.

We treat God like a genie in a lamp that we can call on when needed and ignore when things are going well. In doing these things, we will not find God.

In Jeremiah 29:13 the God says “You will seek me and you will find me when you seek me with your whole heart.” But when we pull out a verse or two from time to time, or set aside a couple of hours to go to church one day a week and THEN put Him back on a shelf and go about our lives, these are are halfhearted attempts, if even that.

The fact remains, we can’t claim to live by His word, and we can’t really know Him and understand how to worship and follow Him if we don’t take the time to read it. Of course, we say we just don’t have time. that our lives are simply too busy. And so we declare that He knows our hearts.. And boy, is that true!

He knows that we make time for what is important to us. He sees the time we make for Facebook. He sees the hours we set aside each week for our favorite tv shows. He sees the glory we give to our favorite football team, Our political party, and how hard we will work to have a little extra time for our beloved hobbies. He sees the energy we put into glorifying everything under the sun except Him. He sees us actively ignoring Him, barely even giving Him a thought once per week. And yet, as ungrateful children,
we expect him to think of us each day, to look after every detail of our lives, to watch over us and give us every good gift.

But He knows our hearts, and he sees that we don’t make time for him because He is not a priority to us.

God is not a temporary thing. He is not fleeting. He does not change with our emotions, situations, or desires.

HE is constant.
HE is eternal.
HE is steadfast.
But WE often treat him like a drive through restaurant, ordering up what we need, checking out the bag to make sure all is there, and then driving off until we are hungry again.

And then we wonder why it feels empty. We wonder why we don’t understand Him. W hy we don’t feel closer. Why we have this emptiness.

And so we turn to people who encourage us to do some EASY thing that promises FAST results. -Just read this psalm. -Just say this prayer. ~Shake head~ Meanwhile, He is lovingly waiting for us to come home to Him.

You will seek me and
you will find me when
you seek me with your WHOLE heart.

You know, the best parts of the Bible are Genesis 1-Revelation 22.

If He is truly our God, We will come to realize That reading a book in which He speaks is a great blessing.

But Halfhearted seeking will NEVER yield wholehearted results.

If we want YHWH to be our first line of defense, we’ve got to stop treating him as a last resort.

You can’t live by it if you’ve never read it. It’s time. Until next time, love y’all, bye bye

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