With the abundance of Shavuot articles on Seeking Scripture, I’m sure you’ve learned an awful lot about this fast approaching appointed time of our Father’s! By now you may have even found yourself wanting to observe this very special Holy day, but how? I asked a few of my friends what they do to keep Shavuot set apart and I’m sharing their responses below: 

Our church is having a banquet. We will get dressed up and go to a hotel and enjoy a meal together. Our pastor will most likely teach a bit. -Chrystal Velie

We have kept Shavuot super simple… having a spring-time meal together, ending with a fruit we haven’t had yet that year (last year it was pomegranate). We read what the scriptures say about Shavuot, thank Abba for giving us His good instructions, and talk about the verses in the New Testament describing Pentecost. … and of course we finish up our counting of the Omer. This year we’ve simply been counting up to each day’s number in Hebrew – there’s lots of fun videos to help with this on YouTube. -Shannon Hazleton

Planning an engagement party this year, as there is a strong wedding theme woven into the feasts. We plan to share party foods, will read the book of Ruth, Acts 2, some from Exodus, and discuss being the bride of Messiah. Very relaxed. Gotta get my peeps invited today! Thank you for this reminder and the great ideas from this thread. -Debbie Ingle

We are still in learning mode on the feasts; have really enjoyed counting the Omer and anticipating Shavuot. We will keep it simple. Plan to take a picnic to a local park (unless we get glorious rain—and even then if there’s no lightning!) and read from Leviticus, Exodus, Ruth, and Acts. Reflecting on the awesome wonder of being chosen by our Bridegroom! -Barbara Pelton

We will read the Book of Ruth and Acts 2. My daughter, Willa, wants to be baptized. So we plan on doing this at the creek on the family campsite. Then we’ll cook a campfire hobo dinner and stay up late looking for shooting stars and listening to whipporwills and night critters…this will be Saturday. Sunday we will meet with other like-minded believers at a local State Park for a picnic and fellowship. -Amy Renea Whitehead

Since I’m not able to get together with anyone due to health problems, I’m working now on redoing my Bible study area. I’m putting 2 short tables on each side & will have my Bible, journal, pens on hand. For Shavuot, I’m planning on disconnecting from all electronics & spending time reading the scripture about Shavuot. I am considering doing a simple communion as well. I’ll be spending time in prayer. I’ll end with a special light meal. It will be very simple & entirely just me but I don’t think the Father will mind. – Karen Bass

Going to read Acts 2, watch a livestream Messianic Shavuot service, and enjoy a quiet contemplative day- the gift of the Holy Spirit- what a day of celebration! -Wayne Scott

As you can see, there are no shortage of lovely ways to observe this Holy day. My family and I always think of Shavuot as the “Picnic Holy Day” because we usually get together with friends, have a picnic, and read Scripture together. It is a day of rest so relax, enjoy the company of those you love, and ask the Father how you can best honor Him at this appointment with Him. 


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Passages to start you out for your Shavuot gathering: 

Exodus 19-20 and Acts 2


About the Seeking Scripture Team: We are a group of believers from all walks of the faith, saved by grace alone through faith in our Messiah. While we are of one accord in many things, we are all works in progress and lifelong learners. Therefore the opinions of one may not always represent the opinions of all.

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