Hi, We recently lost a family member. He was cremated. Is cremation acceptable?  Thanks

Great Question!

We see in Scripture that the typical process is burial (Genesis 23:19; 35:19, Matthew 27:60-66, 2 Chronicles 16:14). However, description is not necessarily prescription. Meaning that just because something is traditionally done in a certain way in the Bible does not mean that the Father prescribes or requires it. While it is understandable that there are opinions both for and against, there is nothing in Scripture that restricts cremation. 

As we are told in Genesis, because of sin, we now experience death. Death is equated to turning to dust (Ecc 3:20). Cremation simply expedites that process of turning back to dust from which we came.   

Our Father shows us that He made Adam from the dust and in the end we will all be resurrected, whether our body has completely turned to dust or not. He is faithful and our promised resurrection will come.

I hope this helps!


I’m going to chime in with my thoughts and share them in my preferred lighthearted manner.

The following are my personal thoughts regarding my own choices. I respect everyone’s right and need to make these decisions for themselves and have absolutely no issue with differing points of view. In short, I feel no offense if you disagree with my view and hope you are able to offer me the same consideration.

When my great aunt passed away she made her funeral plans clear, “Bury me the next day if possible, closed casket, graveside service only. No visitation.” My grandmother had us do the same. This is my family’s way. They hate the drawn out visitations that put the family through so much. Like I said, though, I respect that most others have a vastly different view of this and take no issue with those who feel this process is necessary and healing.

For me and my family, it just feels more like picking the scab off and pouring salt in a wound…

for a few days in a row…

while others watch.

I’ll take it one step further for myself: cremate me and throw my ashes to the wind off of a mountain in North Carolina (please make sure the wind is blowing away from you, as I’m sure my ashes would be far less like a dry shampoo and more like a thick layer of quikcrete that settles in your hair and refuses to wash off for days).

YHWH will make my body whole again when Yeshua returns. I don’t want family visiting a grave when I’m not there and I certainly don’t want someone to have to tote an urn about for generations until one person is brave enough to put the bin of dust into the dust bin.

I’m not there. I’m sleeping until my Father awakens me, so I’d rather reduce the temptation for others to try to do so of their own accord. In the meantime, take that $15,000+ that you would have spent on a casket and a plot and go on a wonderful trip in my memory, making more memories with those who remain.

My one requirement is that the trip must include doughnuts, fresh ones, and if you decide that anything from Dunkin’ Donuts fit that bill, I am praying in advance that the Father will smite you. You get yourself a hot Krispy Kreme or something from a local shop like I done taught ya. Those who know me best know exactly what to drink with it, go ahead and spring for the 20 ounce bottle because in reality I really saved you more like 20k at this point, and I gave you an excuse to eat a doughnut- celebration is in order!






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