When you had your children, did they resemble you or your spouse? Maybe they looked like one of their Grandparents, Uncle or Aunt. I have seen children that look so much like one of their parents, that it would be futile to deny it. I’ve been told so many times that I look just like my Mama, but I have my Daddy’s brown eyes. My Mama has beautiful green eyes that sparkle and reflect to a brighter color when she wears green or blue.

My Daddy had eight brothers and sisters and they all had the same distinctive eye shape and brown eye color. Even their children have the same eyes. That’s how we can tell we’re all related to each other. When we all smile our eyes turn into little slits that sparkle. I guess that’s why I don’t like to take photos much, because you can’t see my eyes when I smile big. I recently saw my Mama in the nursing home and took her to lunch. Sitting across the table from me she said “You have the prettiest brown eyes”. I took that as such a compliment coming from her.

I was born in South Georgia and they had a tradition or custom way back then. When a baby was born, an older adult would carry and tote them around the house outside. It was usually a Grandparent, Aunt or Uncle. It was said that the baby would have personality traits like the person that carried him or her around the house. My Grandpa carried me when I was born. I loved and admired him so much growing up. He was a big inspiration to me. He was a farmer and couldn’t read or write because he didn’t have an education. His children taught him to write his name, but he was so smart.

Do people see the resemblance of my Heavenly Father in me?

It got me to thinking, do people see the resemblance of my Heavenly Father in me? Do they know that we’re related? Do they see something different in me? Do they see the love that I have for Him? I know you have all seen and read the picture of Yeshua/Jesus with two sets of footprints in the sand and then it turns into one set saying it was then that He carried us at that time. I know that there are periods in my life that the Father has carried me through difficult times and through tragedy and there would have been only one set of footprints. I had to rely on Him because I just couldn’t handle those situations by myself. I was young and inexperienced. I was crawling and not walking yet. I was on milk and not meat.

My desire now, is to be the spitting image of my Father. I want to resemble Him in every aspect of my life. In my walk, my talk and my actions to others. He’s the epitome of the perfect Father. He’s the only one that I need the approval of. I need His correction when I have displeased Him. I’ll take hold of Daddy’s hand so that He can lead me and I’ll follow gladly and there will be two sets of footprints. I pray that as time goes by, there will be mostly two sets. I want His eyes, to be able to see my own sin and flaws. To Teshuva (repent) when I’ve made a wrong turn or step out of line. When I look into the mirror, I want to see my Daddy’s reflection and not my own. I want to hear Him say “That’s my daughter, doesn’t she look just like me?”

~Donna McDaniel, Seeking Scripture Group Admin Team

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