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Narrow Path Living, Passover Episode (Recorded in 2022)

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In the above Passover episode of Narrow Path Living, we address the following questions for Christians: 

  • What is a Passover Seder?
  • Can children participate in celebration of Passover?
  • What kind of food must I have? Do I have to have a traditional Passover Meal?
  • Do I have to follow the Jewish traditions?
  • Where is the Passover feast in the Bible so I can read it?
  • How many days do I eat unleavened bread, and when do I start?
  • Did Messiah (Jesus) keep Passover in the New Testament or is it only mentioned in the Old Testament?
  • Did the Father command all of us to keep Passover or just the Jewish People?
  • What kind of leaven do I take out of my home for the Feast of Unleavened Bread?
  • What is leaven?
  • Must I have Passover lamb?
  • What recipes do you use for your Passover meal? 

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