I have shared my favorite Bible highlighters with you and by now you probably know I tend to have a bevy of office supplies at the ready for my studies but today I’m sharing with you the one thing I always take with me anytime I leave the house with my Bible. 

The Dr Grip 4+1 multi pen (plus pencil) is my right hand man when it comes to reading my Bible!  It features ink in the colors of red, green, blue, and black, along with a lead pencil and eraser as well. Sold under the Dr Grip brand, there is a soft gel cushion on the bottom of the barrel that makes it easier to hold, especially for those of us with arthritic hands.

The ink flows smoothly and consistently, with no skipping, and the pencil chamber can be refilled with either 0.5mm or 0.7mm pencil lead.

Sometimes I find myself out and about without my favorite Bible highlighters but as long as I have this pen I have all I need to underline, make notes, and otherwise cause certain statements, verses, words, or passages to stand out so that I can visit them later.

These pens run in the $10-$15 range, which is expensive for a pen, but when you realize what all you are getting, along with the fact that this pen will last for years and years, I find it to be one of my best Bible study tools. I am pretty much lost without it but with it, I can have uninterrupted Bible reading time, knowing I have the ability to interact with my Bible as needed.

Below, are a selection of Dr Grip p4+1 Multi Pens with links to purchase.

If a color choice you like is sold out, check out the links at the bottom of this post for more links where you might find it.

A classic Burgundy Read (click here)

Another classic in this white color with a hint of a pearl finish (click here)

This is my blue one, which is more of a royal blue (click here)

If you prefer simple black or would like it to match a black Bible, click here. (black can be as much as $3-4 cheaper than other colors)

Gradation Lavender is just gorgeous. Click here

They don’t have many of these pearl pink ones left so you’ll have to act fast, click here.

and here is a very pretty soft blue, click here.

If some of these colors are sold out, click here to see an offering with several of them and a few more that are in stock as well (including mint green, shell pink, & lavender)  If you don’t see what you’d like there, click here to see more.

And, if you love this pen as much as I do you will eventually find yourself running out of ink (although I’ve yet to do this). Never fear, refills are available! Click here. 

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