Bible highlighters can be surprisingly controversial as some believers consider it disrespectful to mark in any way in Bibles. I respect that standpoint and this post is in no way an attempt to change the mind of anyone who has that opinion. Instead, this is geared towards folks who like to interact with their Bibles as I do. I see my Bible as my textbook, workbook, and study guide to how to live. As a result, I make extensive notes in mine, utilizing both my favorite 5 in 1 pen ( I cannot read my Bible without having this in my right hand!) and the most wonderful Bible highlighters I’ve ever used.

I used to prefer sharpie type highlighters, but even on a thicker than usual Bible paper, such as is in my old faithful, they still bleed. A few years back I picked up a pack of Walmart’s brand of waxy highlighters, which have the consistence of a soft, gel crayon, and I loved those, but they have an unavoidable tendency to leave little crumbs and clumps of material behind.

Then, I sat down to Bev Burris at Bible study one day and she pulled out the most gorgeous set of highlighters I had ever seen. (Office supplies are one of my love languages).

These offer all of the benefits of the Walmart ones I had been using but didn’t live any little crumbs or blobs behind. Further, they come in a fantastic case with a lid that bend back and holds them all at an angle to make it easier to switch back and forth between colors as you read. I ordered a set and I was in love.
I am on my third set now.

These acid free highlighters come in a 6 piece or 10 piece set. I’ve had my eye on the ten piece set but have yet to venture beyond the six as they seem the perfect number for my usage. 

Since there is no liquid ink involved, there is no bleed whatsoever, and despite the waxy feel of the highlighters themselves, highlights are not affected due to heat (I’ve left my Bible in the car on more than one August Alabama day).

To put it simply, my search for the perfect Bible highlighter is over. With a set of these and my must-have pen, I can notate and study to my whole-heart’s desire.

Post script: Im often asked what color coding system I use when highlighting my Bible and it always makes me want to chuckle a bit that y’all think I’d be that organized. I choose whatever color I feel like highlighting with at any given moment, but I do like to use varying colors when marking up different passages to help them stand out. The only color I have a consistent use for is the red ink in my 5-in-1 Bible pen. I use that to circle all of the places where “LORD” has been used to replace the Father’s personal name.

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