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If you’ve been reading with us for any length of time, you’ve seen more than one photo of my “old faithful”, the Bible I write all of my notes in and take with me as my daily read. There are a few features about this Bible that make it “the” one, chiefly that the paper is thicker than most, there is more spacing in between sentences than some, and there are ample margins, which are lined, in which to write notes.

Another key feature that prompted my initial purchase is the wrap around leather cover. I have found most Bible covers to be bulky and in the way, especially if they have zippers, but I need a Bible cover of some sort to protect my Bible so that I can toss it in my tote bag or stash it in my backpack when I leave for short errands or longer trips. Old Faithful has this, but what about my other Bibles? 

Don’t let this photo fool ya, the right size of this Bible cover can fit my beefiest of Bibles! Keep reading to see!

Many folks in our Bible study read a new translation each year and I have one translation that I’ve been dying to spend some time in. For me, though, the first problem to solve was how to protect the Bible and make it more travel friendly. In other words, since this one did not have the wrap around cover made onto it, I was going to have to shop for the dreaded Bible cover.

After a few failed attempts, I came across what, for me, is the perfect Bible cover. This one completely mimics the one made onto my old faithful and the top grain buffalo leather is actually a good bit better as the leather is a higher quality, thicker, and has a gorgeous finish. With this, I can finally travel with any Bible as easily as I do my go-to. 

It lays completely flat, features a pen or pencil holder (which my favorite Bible pen fits into) and comes in four sizes. It also has a very nice leather bookmark made into it as well. I admit my greatest concern was choosing the right one.

As far as sizing goes, I was sure I had made a mistake when it was delivered and I pulled out a small, narrow box, but was relieved to find that the cover was simple rolled up inside the box, so y’all don’t need to stress like I did when you open the package.

I ordered a size large and I am currently using it on my CJB Bible, which measures 6.6 x 1.7 x 9.6 inches. However, this cover fits just about all of my Bibles. I grabbed several off my side table that fit in it and took a picture to show you the wide variety of ones that easily fit in the size large cover. 

Each of these Bibles fit in the large size Bible cover.

You can see that some of these Bibles are thicker than others, but the large cover still fits with no issue. In fact, they even mention the versatility of sizes in the photo below. 

Regardless of the thickness of the Bible, this cover fit them all securely and comfortably. 

Just as I did with my old faithful, I did decide to cut the leather wrap around strap off. Many would like this and it works really well, simply close your Bible and wrap it around a few times to easily secure it, but I prefer fold over elastic, and the tabbed opening which the leather strap attached to was perfectly suited to thread a band of elastic through for my purposes. All I had to do was cut the leather strap and my band was installed in seconds.

Here are the specs and stock photos from Amazon: 


All in all, for my purposes and preferences, this is the best Bible cover I’ve found. The gorgeously smooth leather is simply wonderful and the fit is adaptable for different Bibles, and secure. More importantly, it offers protection for those who tend to take their Bible on the go.  You can find yours on Amazon by clicking here. Note that when I recommend things they often sell out fairly quickly (Seeking Scripture is a large group!) but will likely restock so check back if the size you want is not available at the time of reading. 

I purchased a size large and have found it fits just about every Bible I have. If your go-to Bible is larger or smaller than the standard, there are three sizes other than this one available as well, bringing the total to four: Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large

Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large, and XX-Large. Note that I have the size Large and find it to be perfect for most standard Bibles.

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