In this ever-changing world, and especially within our own family, why do bad things happen to good people?

I sure wish I had something profound to say to this that would ease your mind. But the truth is, I can’t answer this question. We live in a fallen world full of hurt and lost people, and because we all live here, we sometimes suffer for no reason that we can see.

Sometimes we need to change our perspective to see that we may be dealing with the consequences of our past decisions or actions or even the consequences of someone else’s actions.

And sometimes, things just happen.

We all suffer hard times at one point or another in our lives. In those times, we can feel alone, hurt, stressed, and like we are being punished. I remember times when I cried out to the Father, asking why.

All we can do is seek the Father for wisdom and direction and remember He is the source of our strength. We have to remember that we can rely on Him for our needs.

Hard times can be life-changing, not only because our circumstances are changed but also because these challenging times can allow us an opportunity to grow our relationship with the Father by pressing into Him.

When I reflect on some of the most devastating times in my life, I can see how those times drew me closer to the Father. So, while I wish I hadn’t had to go through those times, I am grateful that the best result was a closer walk with the Father.

I hope this helps.


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Aliisa DeSalvo