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I am thinking about a “type” in Genesis as I type today.  

If you are following the Seeking Scripture reading cycle, you may be interested in connecting some dots with me.  Now, it’s possible that I’m reaching and stretching here. Feel free to disagree with the placement of my dots, but either way we will be seeking the scriptures together, and that is always fruitful. Come seek some scripture with me!

Here are the scriptures we will reference if you want to have your Bible handy:

  • Genesis 38
  • Ephesians 1
  • Matthew 1
  • Matthew 13
  • John 14

In Genesis 38:14, we see that Tamar had a problem. She had been left a widow in her father’s house and denied her rightful inheritance. Judah had not given her his son, as was his responsibility. 

If we look at this next part with “Western” eyes, we miss out. In the Western mindset, Tamar is a “woman of ill repute.” But let us put on our Ancient Eastern mindset glasses. Without a husband and/or son, in the Ancient Eastern economy, Tamar was destitute. She would have no way to support herself. Her economic and social status would have been rock bottom within her cultural construct. And who was responsible for this? Who held Tamar’s life in his very hands?  


Genesis 38:11 tells us that Judah had no intention of giving Tamar his third son Shelah, and she knew it.

So Tamar made a desperate plan – Genesis 38:14-19.  

It was the only option she could think of to survive. And in order to obtain it, she willingly put her own life in jeopardy. She wknew that that she might indeed die, but had faith that she just might be saved.

She dressed in disguise.

She asked for a seal.

She held on to it for dear life.

When Judah found out that Tamar was pregnant, he called for her death by fire – Genesis 38:24.

But Tamar had a surprise. A seal.

While she deserved death…there was one man who could save her.


With his seal

And he did save her – Genesis 38:26.

The ending of Genesis 38 tells us that Tamar was indeed allowed to live and gave birth to twins, one of which is included in the genealogy of Yeshua! Guess who else is listed there? 

Tamar herself, in Matthew 1:3. Very few women are written into the genealogy of Yeshua, but Tamar’s name is present.  

Does any of this sound familiar? Much like Tamar was chosen to have her name written down in the lineage of Messiah Yeshua, we too were chosen to be “in Messiah” before the foundation of the world – Ephesians 1:4. Much like Tamar was sealed with Judah’s seal, cords, and staff, we too are sealed with The Holy Spirit – Ephesians 1:13. Much like Judah was the guarantor of Tamar’s inheritance, Judah’s offspring Messiah Yeshua IS the guarantee of our inheritance – Ephesians 1:14! 

We deserve to be bundled up and burned (Matthew 13:30), like Judah first thought to do to Tamar. But the gift of the Holy Spirit:

Protects Us 

Redeems Us

and Causes Us to Inherit – Ephesians 1:13-14

By the righteousness of Messiah Yeshua.

We are His possession.  He will bring us into His dwelling place and provide for us – John 14:1-4.  Perhaps like Judah provided for Tamar.


I always love it when you…

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