Hey fam!

If you’ve landed here its because you were one of countless folks who made this question come up at the top of Google search results. It’s me, Christy, and you’ve found my new home. This is my Bible Study website and the reason I left Southern Plate: because the Father made a way for me to study the Bible full time while helping others to get into the Word, too.

I’m still Southern Plate’s biggest cheerleader, and I’m so grateful that Stacey Lynn is now at the helm. She does a great job caring for the old recipes while adding delicious new additions as well. I love having all of our family recipes available with just a tap of my fingers and I still visit the site several times a week.

As the kids got older and Ricky neared retirement, the Father continued to deepen our roots into His word and when He gave me the opportunity to serve Him full time, I couldn’t dream of not taking it. Serving the Father is my greatest joy.

I hope that answers your question and I’m sure glad to see you again. You’re always welcome at my table, I’m just focusing more on soul food these days.



P. S. If you’d like to join over 30,000 people who’ve gone through my Deep Diving Bible study, begin in the beginning. Click here for Day one. 

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