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Scrolling through Facebook in the downtime between the end of the work day and the next task on my list, I see post after post talking of returning and revival. They are excited over the fire, the passion, the hunger of this generation for a move of God…and they are not wrong! There IS a hunger present, a longing for God in a way that is not often seen.

But it’s not the hunger that worries me. How often do we pray for a revival that begins with just such a hunger! What does worry me is this: What are we feeding them?

Too often, we are laying out buffets of junk food, long tables laden with cookies and milk and very little, if any, meat. We talk about grace without accountability. We talk about truth as if it can differ from person to person. We talk about relationship but fail to note that in order for there to BE a relationship, two must walk in step. We create converts but we fail to make disciples,
and much like seed in rocky soil, that conversion lasts but a little while. The hunger is a blessing; the diet is the problem.

We must lay a better table. Of course we must talk grace and the free gift of salvation; there is no other path to redemption. But we must also discuss sanctification and discipleship. We must point unerringly to the Word of God and the truth
that it teaches. We must acknowledge the life that begins “In the beginning” and ends in “Amen.” We have tried to create disciples with flashy lights and contemporary services. We have tried to create them with programs and podcasts. We have tried to create them in any number of ways, often forgetting the one that works: a steady diet of the whole Word of God. Nothing more. Nothing less. The aroma of a well-laid table will draw in the masses; an appetizer, a tasting, is often enough to peak interest. But when the appetizer suddenly becomes the main course, we end up with hungry guests. The true test of revival is not in the moment that Lazarus walked from the tomb; it’s in the number of people who believed because he was revived. Disciples. Discipline.
Those who hear and do. We must lay a better table.

Christy Jordan
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