We are finishing up reading the entire Bible together in one year in my Facebook Fellowship group! Our new reading cycle begins October 2 and we will have over 11,000 members when we begin again – in the beginning! It is so exciting for me to get to read through the Bible with such a loving and encouraging community of believers. Each day we dive deep in our readings and discussion and seeing the Word come alive before our very eyes is an exciting thing. We accept new members for a short period of time each year, generally from August to October, so if you’d like to join us click here to request to do so. Make sure you answer the membership questions in order to be admitted, these ensure our community remains the kind and loving place that it is. 

As we are about to dive in, I thought I’d share with you some tips for success with a daily Bible reading plan:

📌 Choose a Translation that works for you – the BEST translation is one you will read. Check out Biblegatewway.com or Biblehub.com to read several translations of a single verse and see which makes more sense to you.

📌 Consider large print – no matter your age, Bible print is tiny! Large print is far easier to read and in many cases can be a game changer.

📌 JUST KEEP SWIMMING! Dedicate yourself to reading daily – but if you miss a few days, I recommend that you not berate yourself and don’t try to go back and get caught up. Each of these things can bring your Bible reading to a standstill. Instead, show yourself grace (It happens to all of us! ) and just dive right on in where we are. We will continue reading the Bible in a year so you can come back around the bend or catch up later when you have additional free time. 

However, if you prefer to go at your own pace, with the new group format you can do that as well. Utilize the “done” buttons at the end of each reading to help you keep up with where you are. While this is not my personal preferred method, it can certainly work and be highly effective – provided you make the Word a priority in your daily life, every day. 

📌 Choose a time that works best for you – I post readings in the morning before 4:00 AM each day but I’m a morning person and that is when I am most alert. My husband does all of his readings in the evening. Go with what works best for you. Do not feel like you are falling short if you find your best reading times differ from others.

📌 Make God a priority: We make time for the things that are important to us: television shows, Facebook, news shows, etc. are some of the many things we make time for each day. The Creator of the Universe deserves a spot at the top of that list.

Make a date with God each day and don’t stand Him up!

GET EXCITED! If you’ve found the Word of God to feel dry and impersonal in the past, get ready for all of that to change. We are going to begin at the beginning and the Word will come to LIFE before your very eyes and then it will give LIFE to any dry bones in your own LIFE! God’s Word is ALIVE, get ready to feel it!

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