So good to be back at the keyboard today, as we begin moving into the Book of Revelation.   

Did you know that Revelation is the actual Revelation of Yeshua the Messiah, Jesus Christ?  In many “red letter” Bibles, you will find much of this book printed in red ink, indicating Yeshua’s spoken words.  Much like in the gospels, that gets my attention!

What also gets my attention is the reality of who Yeshua is, each time I read this book.

In our culture, many of us have this mental picture that visualizes Yeshua as a baby in a manger or hanging on a cruel cross.  Those depictions are not wrong.  But, continuing to dwell solely on those images has a way of weakening our understanding of who He really is.  

Ummm, Debbie…what are you talking about?

Let’s look at Revelation 1:1-20 to see if we can find a description of Yeshua today.  Keep in mind that the vision of The Revelation would have been given to the apostle John around 90ishAD.  That was after Yeshua’s birth, death, resurrection, and ascension, so I believe we can trust that the description we find is the most recent and accurate description of Yeshua’s current manifestation.   

In Revelation 1:4, we get our first description:

“Grace to you and shalom from Him who is and who was and who is to come….” 

As we continue through chapter 1, we are confronted with MANY descriptions of Yeshua.  I am going to try to list them here, but please read the chapter.  There are so many, I may miss some!

  • Faithful Witness
  • Firstborn of the Dead
  • Ruler of the Kings of the Earth
  • Him Who Loves Us and has Freed Us from Our Sins by His Blood
  • The Alpha and Omega
  • The One Who Is / Who Was / Who Is To Come
  • The One with a Loud Voice Like a Trumpet
  • One Like The Son of Man
  • Clothed in a Robe to His Feet
  • Wearing a Golden Belt Around His Chest
  • Head and Hair, White Like Wool / Snow
  • Eyes Like Flames of Fire
  • Feet like Polished Bronze
  • Voice Like the Roar of Rushing Waters
  • Seven Stars in His Right Hand
  • Out of His Mouth Comes a Two Edged Sword
  • Face Shining Like the Sun at Full Strength
  • First and the Last
  • One Who Lives
  • Formerly Dead
  • Now Alive Forevermore
  • Holds the Keys to Death and Sheol

Are you seeing what I’m seeing?  Yeshua is not a helpless little baby lying in a manger, and He is not a suffering servant dying on a cross.  

He did those things. And I am grateful that He did.

But He is infinitely more than a baby or a dying Savior.  

I  personally like to end my Passover Seders and Sukkot Celebrations by reading Revelation Chapter 1.  

So twice each year, as I dwell on the baby and the suffering servant, I also flip to Revelation and am reminded that Yeshua is beyond these former earthly limitations.    


What do you think about adding these Yeshua-descriptions from Revelation to your next celebration?  

I always love it, when you…

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