This is an old folk tale that I have re-told in my own words. ~Christy Jordan

An old folk story tells of a farmer who was looking to hire a hand to help him in his daily work.

A young man showed up in response to the job offering and the farmer looked at him pointedly and asked, “What can you do?”. Without missing a beat, the young man responded, “Welp, I can sleep when the wind blows.”

The farmer was taken aback by his answer and proceeded to ask him for further qualifications for working on a farm and to each question the young man responded, “I can sleep when the wind blows.”

Although this answer confused the farmer, no one else had applied for the job and the man appeared strong and able so he decided to give him a shot.

Weeks went by and he was impressed by the work ethic of the young man, finding the lad well versed in all the duties of a farmhand.

One night, however, a huge storm kicked up long after they had gone to sleep.The farmer was awakened and rushed to the attic to wake the young man so they could get the farm locked down in order to minimize damage. He banged on the door to the little attic room and was met only with loud snoring.

Frustrated, the farmer stomped down the stairs and set about to do the work himself. Firstly, he came to the big hay pile and was surprised to find it covered in a tarp which was weighted down on all sides. He rushed to the barn to see about getting the animals inside and upon opening the doors found each animal in their proper stall, fed, and watered. The man stood in confusion and then it hit him.

“I can sleep when the wind blows.”

The young man went to sleep each night fully prepared for whatever may come, allowing him to sleep peacefully.

And so it is with us when we set our minds and order our lives to follow the one true God.

We can sleep when the wind blows.

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