Christy Jordan talks about an important opportunity that our divisive culture could lead us to miss.


You know, every day I wake up and need to spend time with the Father. Need to. Because my heart is sinful. And each day I have to do my best,  I put forth effort all day, to follow Him. It doesn’t come naturally. Sure, it may at times but the reality is that my heart is deceitful and so I have to consciously choose to follow Him or else I will lead myself away from Him. I have to choose His heart over my own, 

I have to choose His desires instead of my own and put my wisdom aside so that I can utilize His instead. Now, With all of this in mind, I operate under the assumption that my fellow believers are doing pretty much the same thing. And while we seek to walk in His footsteps, I realize that we sometimes (perhaps often) walk in more of a stumbling pattern. But you know what? No matter how I stumble, my objective doesn’t change. I keep my eyes on He who goes before me and I keep on walking it out. And when I see you stumble, I’m going to do what I can to help you up – and I am relying on you doing the same for me.

I know that we’re going to walk out our faith differently. I realize that you have a different set of life experiences than I do and that your thought patterns are influenced by a different bank of knowledge. Therefore, when you disagree with me, rather than me thinking I’m right and you’re wrong, I have before me an opportunity to learn from your perspective, to grow in compassion and understanding and, in each of these experiences, to learn to love you more.

So if you do walk out your faith differently, if you look different, talk different, live in another part of the world, vote different, dress different, even worship different- that doesn’t mean we can’t still be serving the same God and following after the same Messiah. The things that knit us together are far greater than those which the world uses to try to divide us. Because even if we had none of these things in common, I’m still required to love you – and I’m grateful for that opportunity.

Until next time. I love y’all, 

Bye bye. 

Christy Jordan
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