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  1. Wanda
    June 8, 2020 @ 9:54 am

    I’m so grateful for your insight here. I have been out of Bible study for quite some time. My husband and I moved to a new state just over four years ago now and it has been difficult to find a church that has good Bible study in it. I have missed it and am grateful to be a part of this group. Thank you!
    Now as regards your comments, my husband and I through our own study have concluded much of the same as you have written here. Just a thought, but I have concluded that the very thing that was injected, so to speak, into mankind through Satan in the garden was this very nature of idolatry through ego. In the temptation, as well as every other event, you can readily see that Christ did not have an ego. So this idolatry of persons even stems from our own ego in relationship to these persons, who make us feel a certain self importance. I believe it’s why Paul said we must die daily, b.c we live with this “old man” and he has to be slain. Hence, this also explains the reason why God’s mercies are new “every day.” We need them “every day.” Thank you for this Bible study!

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