Please read this entire note as it will answer most questions.

1. If you are not part of our Facebook Discussion group, you can request to join by clicking here.

INVITING FRIENDS: If you would like to invite friends to the group, this link is a post you can share to make that easier: 

2. Next year’s discussion will continue to be in the Facebook group as it has always been. I understand some people don’t want it to be on Facebook and it is for that reason that I looked at moving it, but the Father has directed me to remain where we are and I will follow His direction.

I want to encourage you to join us in the Facebook group in helping encourage our brothers and sisters in their endeavor to read the entirety of His word. We know firsthand the difference this makes in the life of a believer and our job as believers is not to direct the Father, but to see where the father is at work and join him there.

Please do not email or complain about this. Making people happy is something I do when I can, but doing as the Father instructs me to do is not optional. I humbly ask that not to encourage me to disregard him.

3. If you would like to have your own private discussion group among your friends on the fellowship website I will create a group for you. However there will not be a publicly available discussion group outside of the Facebook group. To be clear, we need all the help we can get encouraging the new group members and your help is not just welcomed, it is encouraged. Facebook is free, and you can set up an account just to use for this group. Please prayerfully consider joining us again. If you are not on the Fellowship site you do not have to join there unless you want to. I have a great deal of work before me at the moment so I won’t be focusing on that site for a bit. Please keep member and group requests to a minimum. ❤

3. If you are in the Bible study now you do not need to rejoin to take part next year. Once you are in, you are in unless you leave.
4. If you or your friends have been waiting to get in the group, everyone will be added by the end of December. We currently have over 13,000 people waiting to be admitted. I will start adding them once we move the discussion to the December discussion group. Note: The December group will only be active during the month of December and we will resume discussion in here for the new reading cycle.5. Since the first day of January falls on Shabbat, we will begin our reading cycle on January 3. I have adjusted the readings so that we will still complete the entire Bible by December 31.

6. In order to maintain the growth of the group we are asking that each group member help out in the group in the next cycle.

You can do this by:

  • Watching this video:
  • Encouraging folks when you see them becoming discouraged.
  • Directing them to keep reading, as God is the authority on His word and a truth discovered is better than a truth told. We all know that feeling of having more questions than answers -and the joy of reading our way to so many of the answers.
  • Report comments that need our attention. If you see a comment that goes against the group rules, touch and hold it on your phone for a menu to come up, from there you can report it to the group admins. On a computer, hover your mouse over it until the three dots come up on the right. Click those and you’ll have the same option. By reporting a comment to the admins, all admins on line will receive a notification that there is a comment to moderate and they can then be alerted to the problem to handle it appropriately.
  • Set an example of obeying all group rules (this includes outside links, which can confuse impressionable readers and actually lead them away from the Word) New members will follow our example but if they see seasoned members doing things, we will be essentially teaching them that the rules are not important.
  • In the coming year, we are going to encourage folks to ask questions in the group rather than email me. I’m still available by email but am unable to handle the volume of emails at this point and we have such a wonderful group so I want to do a better job of utilizing the community to help encourage the community.
  • It is important to note that I wrote my notes with the idea in mind that folks would read the entirety of the Word – therefore my notes are written with the same expectation – that once started they would be read in their entirety. Therefore, for many questions, the best advice is a loving encouragement to keep reading.

If you see someone asking a question that is answered here, please feel free to answer them or direct them to this note. Never feel as if you are stepping on my toes when you are helping me! ?


The Father is moving in big ways and He has invited everyone here to join Him in that work.
Our King has work or us to do, May we bring further honor to Him in 2022!


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