Below is a printable chart I made that tells the approximate reading times of each book of the Bible. I’ve found that sharing this helps folks to see the Word as more approachable and not so daunting of a task as some might think it to be. 

Of course, one of the best tools I’ve found when it comes to reading the whole Bible is a great support system like we have in our discussion group. Each year, thousands of people join us and read the Bible all the way through for the very first time! Our community is made up of whole-hearted Bible believers from all walks of the faith and we come together with a common goal.

Each day, men, women, couples, and families read along with us, make use of the printable or audio version of the notes, take part in the discussion, get to know one another, help answer questions, and encourage each other to keep reading. We teach you how to study the Bible, learn how to dig deeper on your own and test everything to see if it lines up with God’s word. Every Believer was meant to read the word, but sometimes we need a little extra encouragement – and that is what you’ll find in our community.

If you are reading this and are not part of our group, you are warmly invited to join us. Everything is free, just about every denomination is represented in the group, and we think you’ll feel right at home. Membership only opens once a year because we begin together and end together, so click here to request to join and we will add you during the next window, which is usually in the entire month of December each year. 

Our goal is to help you develop a firsthand relationship with the whole word of God. Read the whole Bible for yourself, we can help with that! 

To get a printable copy of this chart, please click here.

To get a printable copy, please click here.


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