2021 Printable Reading plans

1 & 2 Samuel Deep Diving Bible Study

Below you’ll find all of the printable reading plans for our Bible study, which we begin as a group on January 1. Each month is offered in a full sheet format or a set of four bookmarks. The bookmarks are great to print out, cut apart, and put in your Bible or give to friends who are reading along with you.

If you’re not in the group yet, there are just a few weeks left to join and then membership will be closed for another year. Click here if you would like to request to join our discussion group.  Get ready for the Word will come alive for you like never before! For more information on how our Bible study works, click here. 

*Entire year on one sheet options are at the bottom.

Would you like all of the year’s reading on one sheet? A generous group member made us full sheet versions that can be accordion folded into a Bible bookmark! 

Click here for the short fold and click here for the long fold. 

*the font is necessarily smaller in the full year print out.

The Bible begins in Genesis and so does this study. If you are new here, please click here to begin in Genesis.